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Measuring Change in the Community

Who are you/share a little bit about yourself:

I have been a therapist for 36 years, and live on Whidbey Island. I also love doing art and creative things, as well swim, and spend lots of time with family and friends.

What is your role in mental health? What do you specialize in?

I’m a Family therapist, I used to do a lot of counseling with teens. And I am the founder of Cocoon House in Everett many years ago. My next book is a memoir about starting the teen shelter- it comes out in August. But now I see individual adults and couples. When I worked with teens I noticed several wanted to return to therapy as they got older- age 30’s or 40’s. So, I’d like to be there for people throughout their lives. I’m getting older now so I focus on adults.

What TED Talks have you been a pat of? Good Boundaries Free You.

What online courses have you created, and have you seen them impact people? I have several online classes about selfcare and boundaries. And I have some books out on these topics. I hear from many people that understanding boundaries is life changing. Boundaries are part of every relationship. It’s not just about what we say no to, it’s about asking others about their boundaries, listening to their yes and no as well as our own.

How do you measure the change in the community?

I look to see what courageous steps have been taken. The impact on making life better. The capacity to engage people in making the change is essential. It’s never just one person, it’s bring people together. Change is also measured by something “important” or “essential” and will result in betterment.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about mental health?

I wish people knew that mental health is something you work at, it’s something you pay attention to. It’s also something you tend- how do you tend your emotional wellness? Each person will have a different answer, but our mental health is not something that you can expect to just happen. It’s something you create by how you view a situation and care for you emotional wellbeing.

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